Currently, the life we have is not the one we want.

We’re happy and healthy, but our life is largely dominated by the need to earn an income to cover our basic living costs.

This results in Kate working a regular ‘9 to 5’ office job, which is our main source of household income.

Yet having this job, which gives us the money to live, is also restricting us from exploring life and travelling the world.

We have to live where her work is and cannot take more than four weeks annual leave each year, which is at the behest of her boss.

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We have to keep spending money to maintain the job such as owning ‘work’ clothes, paying transport to get to and from work, and getting regular haircuts to look presentable.

We have limited time to pursue personal activities, such as language studies or art lessons, which can only be done after work or on the weekend.

And her office job is mostly sedentary, which research shows increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

It doesn’t sound good, does it?

Yet many people in the western world are spending (or wasting, I would say) the best 40 or more years of their life like this.


After just 10 years of working, we’ve decided it’s not the life for us.

Our wanted life

We’re taking a big life leap to become financially independent

We’re on a mission to become financially independent, so we don’t have to work to earn money and we have the time, effort and health to enjoy life in the way we want.

This is the life we want:

We want the option to choose whether to work or not; a life where we no longer depend on getting and keeping a job to pay our bills.

If we do decide to work, we want to be able to choose how and when we work, allowing us to live where we want and leaving us more time to spend with friends and family.

We want to have diverse, passive sources of income, which generate income from investments or business on an ongoing basis with little effort or supervision.

We want to earn and save sufficient money for us to live a comfortable – not excessive – life both now and when we’re retired, which we hope to do by the time we’re 40 years’ old (we’re currently in our early 30s).

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We want to travel and explore life at our own leisure, not when our boss says we can take leave from work.

We want to be fit and healthy, and have the energy, stamina and strength to enjoy a range of outdoor activities, including in our ‘old’ age.

It’s a life we don’t yet have, but one that we’re actively pursuing.

This website details how we intend to achieve our ‘wanted life’ and our progress so far.

We hope you follow along and find ideas so you can live the life you want too.

Kate and Brad